Core Beliefs

Ancient Papyrus showing 1 and 2 Peter

At BCC we believe a lot of things, but here’s a list of some stuff we all tend to agree on.

Much of what we believe cannot be proved by science.

A good starting point is to note that we have accepted that there are some things that science will never see. This is faith!

OK, here goes…

  • The Bible is the word of God.
  • The God of the Bible is real and is understood as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All three are co-existent and co-eternal and equally one God.
  • When we think of him as Father, we are reminded that he created the universe and is the perfect dad we might never have had!
  • The Son is the form of God who came to earth as a human called Jesus, but was and is still completely God. He died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven when he had completed his work on earth.
  • The Holy Spirit is present here with us now to help, guide and empower us.
  • In the beginning God made us perfect but we chose to go against his perfect plan.
  • This means that on our own we are not good enough for heaven – we’d spoil it! But…
  • Jesus died by being nailed to a cross to pay for all our wrongdoing. If we accept this we can be forgiven and live a new life with God as our friend. God will see us as perfect! All the rubbish in our lives will be seen as nailed to the cross when Jesus died.
  • When this life is over, those who believe this will spend eternity in perfect bliss with God (Heaven). Otherwise we would be separated from him forever.
  • This is why our meetings and services should always have some element of celebration to them! God has done so much for us that we could never have done for ourselves and that we did not deserve!
  • Disciples of Jesus will want to be baptised in water as a symbol of their new life in Jesus.
  • Jesus commanded his followers to share bread and wine as a way of remembering his death.
  • The Holy Spirit can fill his people with power from heaven. He enables Christians to speak in languages they have never learned and has other ‘gifts’ for his people, e.g. prophecy, healing.
  • Those of us who truly follow Jesus will stand out from the crowd for their excellent living. We should be recognised by our love for each other and for the world.

If you just read all that, you’re either already a believer, or you’re seriously searching!

If you’d like to ask questions or want us to pray for you, please contact us using the details on this website, or through the ‘Prayer’ tab in the top menu.

We’d be delighted to connect with you.