The David and Jonathan Podcast

D&J020 : Ephesians 4:11 Gifts : Prophets, Part 2

What is the role of a post-Pentecost prophet? How and why is that any different from Old Testament prophecy? What should we expect to see in the church today? What are the limits of the prophet’s authority when speaking into someone’s life? Find out here!

The David and Jonathan Podcast

D&J015 : Dr David Petts : The Power and Authority of God’s Word

Inspirational preaching based on Matthew 8. Classic David Petts at his best! Edification guaranteed ­čśë Thanks to Sligo City Church for allowing us to use this material.

David Petts

D&J013 : Healing 3 : Commanding healing and healing in evangelism

Jesus gave his disciples the authority to heal! When is it right for┬áChristians┬áto command healing today? And when is it right to just pray for healing?┬áDr David Petts brings clarity┬áusing key biblical texts. Thanks for listening.