David Petts

David Petts – The challenge of the enemy

Whatever lies the enemy uses to keep you from living in victory, never give up. Hear David Petts speak on the way the enemy uses a subtle twist on the truth to lead you away from God’s best. Be inspired to believe and trust in him for ultimate deliverance. We trust God blesses you and Read More


Jon Petts – Fighting from a place of rest – Exodus 14

In Exodus 14:14 God tells the Israelites he will fight for them – they need only to be still. They had done as they were told – they’d camped exactly where God instructed them. Sometimes, even when trapped between your enemy and the sea, the best move you can make is to be still. When Read More

dean elliott

Dean Elliott – 2 Kings 7

This sermon was recorded at Brixham Community Church on 18-Jun-17. We are most grateful to Dean for his ministry to us on Father’s Day. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous The wants of Israel were met in a way that was least expected God’s word will always come true